Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Interview with Joyce Lekas

Joyce Lekas presents a gripping tale of greed and passion. “Crazy for You” lives up to the name and more. Readers are sure to enjoy this tale. Please read on for our interview with Joyce.
  1. What inspired the story that will be in the Scared Spitless anthology?

Stephen King. I read King’s book, “On Writing” and at the end of chapter 5, he challenged the reader to write a story based on a scenario he posed. It sounded like fun, so even though it’s not my genre, I did the free write. Crazy for You is the edited version of the draft I wrote that day.

  1. Do you view your writing as a career, or as a hobby?

I had a writing career, but it was all business and technical. Now I am retired from that and enjoying my new career writing fiction, as a novelist and short story writer.

  1. When did you start writing professionally?

When my husband was in law school I helped out with part time jobs. I discovered that my combination of science and journalism was saleable, and so it began. Equally important, it was work I could do while raising our children.

  1. When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I believe it was when I was very young. Reading and stories were so important to me as a child that I wanted to transport others, the way I had been transported. I started late with fiction because I was divorced when the children were young and needed to support them while they were growing up.

  1. Have you won any contests or awards for your writing?

Last year I won second place in the Bethlehem Writers Roundtable Short Story contest for a story called The Old Neighborhood.

  1. Where did you hear about Silly Tree Anthologies?

It is called CRWROPPS. The Silly Tree call for submissions looked like a perfect venue for Crazy for You. Nice job, people.

  1. Do your stories contain inspiration from real life?

Most do, but not this one. If Crazy for You was representative, I would lead a terrifying life.

  1. What is your favorite genre to write?

I enjoy mystery and suspense, in part because life has its dark side, in part because I like the structure, and mostly because I enjoy reading it. I write character-driven mysteries with a sense of place.

  1. Would you like to share a bit about your current work in progress?
Right now I am primarily focused on marketing my first book, Dyed in the Wool, a fast moving suspense novel set in the Southwest and the Navajo Nation. Contaminated groundwater from illegal dumping threatens the Navajo way of life.

In addition, I’m editing a second book, Code Name Goethe, set in Paris and Frankfurt, where a public relations professional finds herself facing deadly terrorists while trying to help a friend. It, too, is fast moving and has our heroine hop scotching through France and Germany to keep a step ahead of her pursuers. The time frame for publication is about six months.

  1. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Yes. I have a web site My book, Dyed in the Wool is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Powell’s, among others. It’s also available on the Kindle. I’m working on the iPad. I love what you are doing with this anthology. It’s an interesting and fun experiment.


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