Submission Guidelines

Please follow the submission guidelines exactly. Any author who does not runs the risk of their story being deleted unopened. 

*Submit stories and poems on the theme listed in the Call for Submission post. Do not send a story or poem if it doesn’t fit the theme.

*Edit your stories and poems to the best of your ability before submitting. A polished story or poem is more likely to be selected than one that needs a lot of editing.

*Submit only previously unpublished stories and poems.
*Stories should be between 1,500 and 3,000 words in length.

*Stories should be formatted as follows: 12pt Times New Roman font, .5 indent for paragraphs, single spaced, single space after sentences

*Submit up to three poems in one file. Poems should be formatted as follows: 12 pt Times New Roman font, single spaced, no fancy formatting.

*Submit stories and poems in MS Word as an attachment to the email. Do not put stories or poems in the body of the email. Submit stories and poems as separate attachments.

*Submit stories and poems to with the subject Silly Tree Story Submission or Silly Tree Poem Submission. If you do not list that in the subject field, your story/poem may be accidently deleted.

*DO NOT SUBMIT STORIES OR POEMS WITH THE FOLLOWING: Blasphemy, bestiality, blatant racism, blatant homophobia, discrimination against any group of people, erotica or porn…only PG 13 sexual situations please…, no obnoxiously overloaded profanity-laden stories or poems (cussing is okay as long as it’s appropriate to the dialog of the story/poem), and no plagiarized works. Stories or poems that violate any of the above will be refused.

*Submit stories and/or poems by the deadline provided in the Call for Submissions post.

*Put your name, pen name(if desired), email address, and word count at the top of your story or poem. At the end of your story or poem, please include a short bio(no more than 150 words) and a link to your website or blog.

*Please only submit one story and/or up to three poems at a time. If you receive a rejection notice on a story or poem(s), you may submit another at that time if the Call for Submissions is still open.

*No simultaneous submission. Please, if you submit a story or poem(s) to Silly Tree Anthologies, give us a chance to read it before submitting the story or poem anywhere else.


*Authors will be required to give consent for stories or poems to be changed/edited to make for the most polished anthology possible*