Compensation and Rights


Authors grant Silly Tree Anthologies exclusive rights to all stories and/or poems accepted for anthologies for a six-month period, starting on the date of publication. After the six-month period ends, rights for the stories and/or poems return to the author with the understanding that Silly Tree Anthologies has the non-exclusive right to publish said stories and/or poems, indefinitely, in whatever form they see fit.

Authors will be required to sign a contract to this effect before their story and/or poem is published. Only after the signed contract is received will your story and/or poem be included in an anthology.


We are a new publication and regret that we can't offer much in the form of compensation at the present time. For now, compensation for authors includes one complimentary eBook copy of the anthology their story and/or poem is featured in, and a code for one discounted print copy of the anthology, plus exposure via a link of your choice on the Silly Tree Anthology website.