Call for Submissions

We are so excited to announce our fourth Call for Submissions here at Silly Tree Anthology.

We’ve had a book of only short stories. We’ve had a book of poetry and short stories combined. Therefore, we thought it was time to have a book solely of poetry. We gotta keep things balanced around here, right?

The following is the book cover for the upcoming poetry anthology. Study it. Let it sink it. Let it stir your emotions and get your writing juices flowing. Then, and only then, write us a poem that invokes the feeling of this photograph. 

We want poems about emotions, memories, day dreams, or whatever else this image makes you think of. We do not want poems about swings. We are not going for a literal interpretation of the book cover. 


1.       No swing poems. (Too literal)
2.       Poems should be no longer than 70 lines, including all line spaces, but excluding Title.
3.       Poems should be written in Times New Roman 12pt font.
4.       Poems should be single spaced.
5.       Each author can submit up to three poems. Submit all poems in one file.

Please read the Submission Guidelines on the blog for more information.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. 

The Call for Submissions is open from July 1, 2014 to August 31, 2014. 

Good luck and happy writing!

*Silly Tree Anthologies will send out acceptance/rejection letters by October 1, 2014.*

Silly Tree Anthologies is excited to announce our third Call for Submissions. Submissions will be accepted until October 31, 2013.

The theme for our next anthology (to be published in January, 2014) is:
 “As one year closes and another begins, you realize that some things need to be left in the past for the next year to truly be new.”

Affix your thinking caps, latch onto your keyboard, and type away! Any story fitting within our Submission Guidelines and adhering to the above theme is eligible.

Please submit sooner than later. We can’t wait to read your stories. Acceptances/rejections will be sent out in November.

We're opening our second Call for Submissions a little early!

Silly Tree Anthologies is now taking submissions for a scary, terrifying, bone-chilling anthology. Send us a story that will scare us spitless!

Goblins, ghosts, serial killers, ax murders. We love them all! 

 We can’t wait to read your stories. 

This Call for Submissions will be open from April 15, 2013 until June 1, 2013. Please read the submission guidelines before sending your stories. 

Good luck, everyone. We look forward to reading your stories! 

**Silly Tree Anthologies will send acceptance or rejection letters by June 15, 2013.**

Silly Tree Anthologies is excited to announce our first Call for Submissions! 

Get your pens and computers ready because we want your best ‘Love Gone Wrong’ stories. We hope you don’t have anything upsetting in your past, but if you do, put it to good use because real life mistakes often makes for the best fiction. 

Whether it’s from personal experience, or totally out of your imagination, send us a fictional story that will make people think twice before starting their next relationship.

The Call for Submissions will be open from January 15, 2013 until March 31, 2013. We are looking for fourteen stories for our first anthology so send away! We are extending the deadline for stories until April 15, 2013. We have received some great stories so far and look forward to reading more!

We can’t wait to read your work. Be sure to read the Submission Guidelines before submitting. 

Good luck!

**Silly Tree Anthologies will send out all acceptance and rejection letters by April 15, 2013 for those who met the March 31 deadline and May 15, 2013 for the ones who met the April 15 deadline.**