Friday, December 27, 2013

Interview with Jeremy Milburn

How can you not love Jeremy? He seems like one of the sweetest people. I'm sure y'all will enjoy his interview, and his work, very much.


1.When did you first start writing?

The beginning, that I remember anyway, came as a freshman some (read: many) years ago. I wrote a story for Advanced English. The requirement was five pages. My story was twenty-plus. I’ve been writing on and off since then.

2.Do you write for a living or a hobby?

I’d love for it to be for a living, but right now I’m at hobby status.

3.Do you ever experience writer's block?

Yes, but not as bad as I’ve heard other people experience it. 

4.What is your favorite theme/genre to write about?

My favorite genre is a tie between fantasy and science fiction. Something about creating worlds and cultures just appeals to me. I really don’t have a favorite theme.

5.Are experiences you write about based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Sometimes I pepper my stories with experiences I’ve had, but for the most part I come up with a scenario and try to imagine the feelings wholesale.

6.Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

The most difficult part for me is description. Some writers can set a scene so beautifully I can get lost in it. I aspire to have a fraction of that ability. Also, editing after I’m done. 

7.What was the hardest part of writing your story/poem?

With this story, the hardest part came from keeping too much of me and my own experiences out of the story. The story wasn’t about me, and I had to struggle to keep it that way.

8.Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you. Even if you never read another word of my work, thank you for reading this (although I really hope you do read more). Also, Happy Reading and Writing!

9.What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing your story to life?

Once the story shaped in my mind, the biggest challenge, aside from what I mentioned above, came from the word count. 

10.Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about you?

I have a blog (who doesn’t, right?) called Writing To Be Noticed at If you enjoy this story, please come over and browse around. 

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  1. Congratulations Jeremy. Since I am a fan of your writing, I do recommend everyone read your blog. :)
    (can you please send me my $10 for that comment now?)