Monday, November 4, 2013

Second Anthology Underway!

We were very pleased with the stories and poems we received for the “No Regrets” anthology. The authors came up with some clever takes on the theme prompt, “As one year closes and another begins, you realize that some things need to be left in the past for the next year to truly be new.”

Acceptance and rejection letters were sent out today along with contracts. The ball is officially rolling for the second Silly Tree anthology!

The first anthology, "Scared Spitless," has done well and we hope “No Regrets” does even better. The authors of these anthologies deserve all the exposure they can get. Their stories are that good.

Please check out the links in the side bar and visit some of the author’s pages. I’m sure they’d love a comment if you read their story.

As always, thank you to everyone who submitted a story for consideration. Please submit again in the future if a prompt/theme strikes your fancy. We love reading everything we’re sent.

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