Friday, September 20, 2013

Interview with Amber Gabbitas

Amber’s story is horror in the true form. It goes to show that sometimes we can go too far in our aspirations, and that we should think before we act. Enjoy the interview with Amber below.

1. What is your favorite genre to write?

I like to write horror. It's the genre of consequences from bad choices. Honesty told through the illusion of a lie.   

2. Who is your biggest supporter as far as writing goes?

It's impossible to think of just one person. But to narrow it down there is my husband, my siblings, and everyone in the Cache Chapter of League of Utah Writers. 

3. Tell us about your story in the Scared Spitless anthology.

Everyone is young and dumb at least once in their lives. They get a little over their heads and undergo an experience that creates who they become as adults. Fresh Skin is about a young woman undergoing that time in her life. 

4. When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

It started when I was a child and loved being read to. So many stories to read and share, to be part of that is a fantastic dream I've never woken up from.

5. Do you view your writing as a career or hobby?

Neither, more of a life. Like breathing, it's a need more than anything else. 

6. What inspired the story that will be in the Scared Spitless anthology?

A crazy trip I took when I was 18 to Hollywood California. Someday that story will see the light and be shared with readers.

7. Have you won any contests or awards for your writing?

I've received honorable mentions in the League of Utah Writers.  

8. How do you stay motivated?

I'm a writer, and I might as well get good at it since I'll be doing it anyway.   

9. Do your stories contain inspiration from real life?
Every story contains a truth of life, otherwise it's not worth reading or writing -- at least that's what I believe. There is inspiration everywhere and I soak it up to write it later. 

10. Would you like to share a bit about your current work in progress?

Effie and Nina, half-sisters, are inseparable, but then the carnival comes to town. Effie follows a boy and her life is soon in danger. Nina must save her sister, but then Death has other plans for the girls.  

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